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Why build a website?
Create a Shop and list your products/services (as Green Notes)
on the Greenwood District.

Introducing Green Notes

Green Notes are like coupons for your favorite Black-owned businesses but better!

You can buy Green Notes here and redeem them at Black businesses thus receiving discounts while supporting Black-owned business.

Business owners benefit because they get new customers and consumers benefit by getting access to quality products and services usually at a discount.

How Green Notes Work:

  1. A member of Greenwood District purchases your Green Note listed in the app (see the example below).
  2. You (and the buyer) are sent an email confirmation with purchase price, description, and redemption instructions.
  3. We transfer the proceeds from the sale to you! We (Greenwood District) collect our 20% 10% fee and send the remainder to you (payouts occur bi-weekly).
  4. You determine the best way for customers to redeem the Green Note! Customers redeem their Green Notes using the redemption instructions that you provide. For example, they may need to show the confirmation email or visit a website and enter a code.

Benefits of Selling Green Notes: We do all of the work!

  1. Instant Business Profile: No need to develop a website or online shop because you'll have an instant profile with your available products/services listed for sale.
  2. Risk-free marketing: We handle all the marketing and sales. If your Green Note doesn’t sell, there is no fee. If there is a sale, you simply collect your earnings and service the customer.
  3. Grow your business: Find new customers who are looking to support Black-owned businesses by giving them an easy, turnkey way to buy from you.
  4. Drive customers to your doorstep: Reach new customers via the Greenwood District platform. We provide a simple way for customers to learn about and connect with your business.

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